Special Needs Fostering

Special Needs Fostering in San Diego

The medical issues facing Angels babies often reflect neglect, abandonment, malnutrition, physical abuse, or prenatal drug exposure; the circumstances that lead to removal of a child.

Nurturing families are critically important to the process of healing. Because drugs pass easily from mother to unborn baby, drug exposed infants are often born with substances in their systems. The Angels training program is geared towards preparing parents to handle the effects of maternal drug abuse in late pregnancy.

broken 300x225 Special Needs FosteringUnfortunately, we see children in San Diego who are victims of abuse and neglect. They come to Angels with broken bones, hungry tummies, and crushed spirits. Our families are trained and well-prepared to provide the nurturing – emotional and physical – needed to guide the healing process. With the love provided by their Angels parents, these babies blossom and thrive almost overnight.

There is also a need for parents with the special kind of love to provide for children with additional needs, like developmental delays or chronic illness.

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