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Name:  Jack
Age: 5

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite thing: Making science experiments or concoctions.

Jack was born slightly premature and weighed in at a whopping six pounds. He was born addicted to crack cocaine but fortunately has never suffered from its effects. Jack thrived and became a chubby little boy by the time he was just three months old.

Jack has the incredible gift of patience which has propelled him to success with music and art. His brain is always thinking about how things work, as well as how to invent and build things. Jack is extremely loving and gentle and he loves to give hugs and be held. His favorite toys are his Lego’s and his science lab which is out in the garage. Jack is on track to accomplish big things someday, and those who have seen him play the piano know just what we mean!

Name: James
Age: 3 1/2
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite thing: matchbox cars and small toys

James is Jack’s younger brother who came to live with the family shortly after he was born on a train in Monterey, Calif. enroute to Oregon. James was placed in foster care in Monterey until the paperwork was completed for his transfer back to San Diego County. Like Jack, James was also exposed to crack cocaine before birth.

James is an incredible goof ball who loves to make funny faces and be the center of attention. He is very athletic and has started piano lessons like his big brother. James has been on snow skis since he was 22 months old and both he and his brother can now handle any terrain. At school, James is extremely helpful with other little kids who aren’t quite so comfortable and he acts as the big brother there. When you see James, you can just tell how much fun he is!

These lovable brothers were adopted by their fantastic Angels Dads Antonio and Kurt at the ages of two and one. They are such lucky boys.

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