Spotlight on Brandon

brandon Spotlight on BrandonName: Brandon

Age: 5 years old

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite thing: His new foster sister

How do you describe your Angels Parents: Lovable and funny


This smart, handsome five-year old loves Star Wars, drawing and animals of all kinds. He’s not crazy about anything girly or pink, or new food he doesn’t recognize – unless of course it looks like dessert.

These seem like the preferences of a perfectly typical kid, but Brandon had no ordinary beginning. In his first months of life Brandon was the victim of shaken baby syndrome at the hand of someone who was supposed to be caring for him. Soon after, his birth mother returned to Mexico and tried to get her life back on track, but failed to meet the Court’s demands.

Brandon was suffering the effects of his abuse and had major medical complications requiring complex care, including brain surgery. After a prolonged hospital course, his life changed for good when his Angels foster parents, Debbie and Carol, swooped him into their loving arms and safe home. With the help of their exceptional care Brandon began to heal and grow as he approached his first birthday.

Against the odds, Brandon made a complete recovery and is a very bright little guy who starts kindergarten this month. He is not only learning to read, but to play the piano as well. His mom writes, “He is into his first couple of months of lessons and is surprising me by asking… can’t we go do piano practice now?” His current favorite song on the radio is Adele’s Rumour Has It.

He loves to draw, and recently explained to his Mama C that, “I should really be allowed to use permanent markers instead of washable ones, because the colors are so much more brilliant.”

Brandon is a perfect example of the healing power of our Angels families. His moms have spared no effort to show him that he deserves the world and more.   We are all so lucky to get to watch Brandon as he grows into an amazing guy with a fantastic future.

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