Spotlight on Addie

 Spotlight on Addie

A few weeks ago, Angels found a wonderful home for adorable little Addie* with experienced Angels parents, Terra and Jeff, and their two school-aged daughters. Addie had already been in three different foster homes in a matter of months. Her most recent County foster parents would not keep her because they claimed Addie cried all the time and would wake up several times each night crying and screaming.

Addie’s story sounds like so many we hear at Angels. Her mother is young and was raised in foster care herself. With her own difficult history and limited resources, Addie’s mother could provide only marginal care at best. Since being with her Angels family, Addie is already sleeping soundly through the night, catching up on vital developmental milestones, and is clearly attached to her new foster family. Terra says, “Truly, she is one of the happiest babies we’ve ever seen.  She smiles and laughs all day long.”

At each weekly visit, her Angels Social Worker sees first-hand how Addie starts to laugh and smile when her “big sisters” walk into the room. She has found the love and attention she so desperately needs. Addie loves to explore and investigate EVERYTHING.  She dances to music and gives everyone a smile and a wave.  She adores her Angels family and is thriving in their loving care.

Her story has just begun, but no matter what the outcome of her case, Addie will have every opportunity to grow by leaps and bounds in foster care.


*Please note images and names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of our kiddos.

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